What is a Marquette Backcountry ski?

It’s part snowshoe and part ski.  The Marquette Backcountry ski gives you unprecedented winter access and fun. Climb up and slide down snow covered terrain.

It’s a short, wide ski with a macro fish-scale base that allows you to shuffle across, climb up and ski down deep snow covered terrain.




What kind of boots or bindings do I need?



Will I need poles?





How does the Marquette Backcountry ski work?

It has a unique scale design that grabs the snow and holds the skis from sliding backwards while climbing.  It has an early rising tip and zero-camber base that produce fantastic deep snow flotation, while the short length and sidecut radius create confident steering.  The macro fish-scales are about the size of a quarter, they have a long run, in ratio to rise, allowing for good bite and good glide.



How is the Marquette Backcountry ski made?



Where can I rent a pair of skis

As of now you can’t, but that’s a great idea. Where do you think they should be available for rent?


Do you offer skis in different sizes or colors?

Not yet, it’s atypical for a ski to be one size fits all but, the marquette backcountry ski covers a wide range of user types and will surprise even the heartiest of clydesdales. In regard to color, you can have any color you want as long as it black.


Do the skis have metal edges?

No, the skis have plastic edges that work very well in soft snow. If the edges get nicked you can clean them up with a razor blade.